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Calligraphy by Ms. Nobuko Mamecke (Thomaston, Maine)

A Japanese calligraphy card

Note Card - $10.00
(5 cards per pack; 4desings)

友情  Yuujou, Friendship 
& 自由  Jiyu, Freedom
A Japanese calligraphy card
希望   Kibou,  Hope
平和  Heiwa,  Peace
友情  Yuujou,  Friendship
自由  Jiyu,  Freedom
about  the purchase a Japanese calligraphy card please contact us.
Calligraphy by Ms. Nobuko Mamecke (Thomaston, Maine)
Purchars of these cards supports Sado Island Respite Camp, who are living with continual radiation exposure.

Ms. Kamecke studied with a Calligraphy master in Japan, then attended The California Institute of The Arts. She has exhibited her work in California, New York and Maine.

In Maine, Kamecke gives workshops for all ages. Recently, she was with first grade students at Great Salt Bay Community School in Damariscotta. She says, 'The way I teach involves the whole body. The children become quiet and concentrate very hard, and their teachers are surprised. And, sometimes they ask questions that surprise me!" The class at Penobscot School is suitable for all levels of experience and for ages middle school and older.

Traditional Japanese Calligraphy Class at Penobscot School in Rockland

Artist, Nobuko Kamecke (left, front) with students of her Traditional Japanese Calligraphy class held at Penobscot School in Rockland. Next session begins March 6. FMI: 5941084.

         Ms. Kamecke
Thomaston Artist, Nobuko Kamecke will offer a 4-week session of Japanese Calligraphy on Wednesday afternoons, 4:45-6 p.m., beginning March 6 at Penobscot School in Rockland. Materials are supplied; tuition is $60.
Students will learn the basic brushstrokes, and then practice them using the Kanji characters for the four seasons. At the final class students will try their "brush" at Sumi-e, the art of Japanese brush painting.
Penobscot School is a center for language learning and international exchange, founded in 1986 and located at 28 Gay Street in the north end of Rockland. For more information about foreign language classes, cultural workshops and events this Spring, please call 207.594.1084. Or, visit www.penobscot.us.

 Penobscot School 


Midcoast Peace & Justice Group

committed to positive change through non-violent action

the Midcoast Peace & Justice Group bannerThe Midcoast Peace and Justice Group is a gathering of individuals concerned about the state of our world and committed to helping create positive change through non-violent action.
       All are welcome.
Members assume responsibility for projects they feel are important and work together to accomplish those projects.

Because . . . this is really simple:
Democracy works when people participate, when people who care about the principles of democracy and peace and justice work together to make those principles a reality. 
Those “who would do great things should not attempt them all alone.” – Seneca

    Democracy works if you work for democracy.

Come meet with us!   work for positive change


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